SCR CO2 Welding Machine

SCR CO2 Welding Machine

Able to obtain stable arc characteristics within welding current range, from minimum electric current to maximum electric current.

Minimize damages from spatter to welding parent metal and subject metal by generating a smooth welding arc. Optimized the user’s welding conditions to enhance work efficiency and welding quality.

Main transformer, reactor and heat pipe designed to abide the safety standards in consideration to temperature characteristics and insulation. The longevity of switching material and power conversion is increased and rate of break down is very low.

Standardized operation process and design in consideration to safety and durability during connection with other parts and wiring works.

Rated current ( V ) 3Ø 380V 3Ø 380
Rated frequency Hz 50~60 50~60
Rated input ( Kv/A ) 29 38
Output Current Range (A) 40 ~ 68 45 ~ 72
Rated usage ( % ) 60 80
External Measurement (W x L x H) (mm) 490 x 680 x 920 490 x 710 x 960
Weight ( Kg ) 140 164