Interactive Whiteboard DVTQK

Touch creates smooth and natural writing experience with the unrivalled IR touchscreen technology. Bundled with the Class V6.0 or Class+ installation-free software, you can achieve plenty of teaching functions as multi-screen interactivity, student vote activity, cloud- based resource, etc.


With up to 10 points simultaneous touch, multi-user can do collaborative interactivity in any school or working environment.

4K crystal clear display delivers the highest image quality, giving the most fantastic teaching and learning experience.

The Android board, Power supply board and OPS modules are all integrated into one plate for future upgrading and maintenance.

Infrared touch frame adopts front-facing independent cover design, easy to disassemble the Infrared frame without any tool assist.

Plug-n-play detachable OPS module enables optional configurations, which is easier for maintenance and upgrading.

Quickly connect to multitude of audio or video devices using the front, and rear ports.

Download all your favourite apps like you would do on your smartphone. Easily switch between the Android and Windows for more operations

Technical Specifications:

Model:LE055MJ; LE065MJ; LE075 MJ; LE080 MJ; LE084 MJ

Size: 55 inch; 65 inch; 75 inch; 80 inch; 84 inch

Display Technology: LED

Input Ports: HDMIx2, VGAx2, PC_AUDIOx1, LANx1, AVx2, TVx1, MEDIA_USBx2, TOUCH_USBx1 UHD Portx2 (support 4K), TFx1, VGAx1, AUDIDx1, YPbPr x1 (optional), AVx1 (optional), TVx1, Media-USBx3(USB3.0*2), TOUCH-USBx1, LANx1, WiFi x1 (optional), RS232-INx1


Operation System: Built-in Andriod+Windows(optional)

Touch Points: 10