6-AXIS Multi Joint Robot Trainer

Experiments On the Industrial Robot Being Used In Real Life
Teaching Pendant In 7.5” Wide Color Touch Panel
Standard Language For the International Industrial Robot
Simulation Software In Three Dimension
Ethernet Communication As Standard, and Network With PC
Interlocking Experiments With the Automation System
Characteristics Of 6-axis Multi Joint Robot
Language For the Industrial Robot
Point-to-point Transfer Program
Palletizing Experiments
Interlocking Experiments With other Automation System
Control By the 3D Simulation Program

Robotic Arm Edge Kit

Students learn basic robotic principles by building and operating this robotic arm. After assembly, they use the control box to command the five-axis arm to manipulate small objects. Some of these axes have an impressive range of motion including an elbow range of 300 degrees and a base rotation of 270 degrees. The Robotic Arm Edge has a 15" vertical reach and a 12-1/2" horizontal reach and can lift up to 100 grams.

Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit

This kit contains everything you need to build a fully functional 3" x 7" model of a tracked vehicle. The propulsion system consists of four plastic gears and a small motor powered by two AA batteries, sold separately.
Construction requires a modeling knife, side cutters, and two Phillips screwdrivers. Assembly diagrams included.

Bionic / Robotic Hand Kit

Few robotics kits enable students to use their creativity to the point that they’re custom-engineering a model to do what they wish. Now, the Bionic/Robotic Hand Kit is helping to pave the way! This arm and hand kit has an adjustable thumb and fingers, and it opens and closes at the touch of a switch.
The kit contains all the parts needed to build a life-size, battery-powered model and can be designed as a right- or left-hand model.

PhantomX Reactor Robot

An agile, yet powerful robot arm created by the Interbotix laboratory for robotics engineers wanting to find out exactly what the Dynamixel AX-12A servo can actually do

Intelligent Robot Platform

Insight into the intelligent robot and step-by step practices
Various services through the functions of Zigbee and RFID reader
Recognition of the robot’s position and direction
Various training contents using the dialogue language (programs)
Image processing by the Fan/Tilt USB camera
Human-friendly design to interact with the human being
Ideal for the ubiquitous and home network based experiments
Home security experiments in utilization of its unattended security function
Robot Control API using Visual C++ and control function by Visual Basic Scripter
Next generation cell (Lithium Ion) – compact size and increase in life time

Intelligent Robot Trainer

  • 10 types of sensors, 3 types of actuator modules and 4 types of application modules essential for the intelligent robot
    System structure for seizing the essence of artificial intelligence robots
    Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class
    Easy to mount modules by the clamping device
    Visual, graphical expression of each sensor’s result
    USB High Speed(480Mbps) Interface
    Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of ubiquitous and home network
    Image processing practice using USB camera
    Application experiment using MSRDS(Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio)
  • 5-Axis Arm Robot Trainered

    Fast and easy interface using 3D S/W GUI Environment
    High level of Motion Control using Dual CPU (ARM, DSP)
    Smooth and delicate operation according to 5ms DSP Sampling Time
    Apply the Absolute Encoder(Needless Homing Work)
    Real-Time Monitoring using Ethernet
    Supply the library for controlling Robot using C/C++ in Embedded environment Kinematics & Inverse Kinematics
    Application to be connected with peripheral application equipment(MPS)
    Educate the ARM Linux using NFS(Network File System)
    Checking the state of robot into simulator ED-IRS
    (Value of PID Gain, Encoder value for each of Joint)