New & Renewable Energy Trainer

• Conversion processing experiments on the produced energy (power production / processing)
• Energy efficiency experiments followed by energy production and conversion
• Voltage and current characteristics curve
• Standalone or integrated operation of the energy experimental module
• Enriched teaching aids such as simulation software for power production

New & Renewable Energy Trainer

• Conversion experiments on the produced energy (power production/processing)
• Characteristics of Solar Cell module’s voltage and current
• Alarm beep for wrong wire placement
• Voltmeter and ammeter as included for measuring AC and DC
• Control by PC and waveform and graph output

300W Wind Generator Kit

• 6 rotational wings as mounted
• Inverse current protection
• Built-in charge controller and bulit-in battery
• Over current/electric discharge protection
• 360˚ rotation by the direction of wind

Fuel Cell Trainer for Students

• Understand the conception and principal of fuel cell generation
• Fuel cell generation using photovoltaic
• Complete disassembly and assembly of the fuel cell
• Current and voltage measurement for PEM Fuel Cell Stack according to each of Cell
• Power production experiment using PEM Fuel cell
• Modularized of the processes covering electrical dissolution of water and drive of fuel cell
• Experiment on various types of load
• PEMFC(Hydrogen) generation experiment
• Testing of load for maximum four fuel cell at the same time
• Monitoring through LabVIEW program