6-AXIS Multi Joint Robot Trainer

Integrated sensor training system covering electricity, electronics, automation and chemistry
Consists of 24 sensor modules, 8 application modules, S conversion modules,
2 signal processing modules, II pneumatic components and power supply
PC-based control for convenient, effective data collection and analysis
Application module experiments (illumination, pneumatic auto door, motor,
temperature) for enhancing field experiences
Modularized of sensors in transparent acryl for visualization on educational

CNC Lathe

A spindle bearing that can transmit powerful cutting forces is employed.
The employment of THK-L/M guide for each axis maintains high fast and improves machine accuracy.
The employment of ball screw (X, Z-Axis) fixed at both ends maintains a stable balance.
An easy operation of NC System (Color graphic) is applied.
Convenience features have been strengthened during machine maintenance.
The application of servo turret has reduced index time.

CNC Milling Machine

Various functions are developed for NC machine education/training institute.
The control panel is designed for easy operation.
The L/M guide way is suitable for fast cuttings.
Connects to host computer through RS232C port, and USB.
Easy running CAD/CAM (for example, WIN/CAM, AUTO CAD) - Option
Color graphic is applied including identify X,Y & Z axis movement on a mill
The compact design realizes minimal installation area and maximal workspace


PCNC based Graphic user interface.
CNC lathe is the same as Precision ballbush and precision ball screw.
CNC equipment cover ( window material : Polycarbonate)
G-code Editor.
Use Bellows.
Real-time Toolpath Display
MPG jog pendant(OPTION)
Ref Position sensor.
Presion 3 jaw Chuck(3”)
Use ISO G-code.

Modular Sequence Trainer

Manufacturing electrical composition elements in modular type using actual components
Possible of wiring and circuit composition to configure sequence composition elements in practical working board
Offering various contents that are linked with e-learning such as wiring, movement practice and etc..

Universal PLC Trainer

Docking system architecture separating the main body from PLC modules
Various types of programmable logic controller experiments
Modular structure for convenient storage and mobility
Built-in multi connection device compatible with world’s famous PLC brands
Standards: LG GLOFA GM-4 PLC Unit
Options: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, OMRON PLC Unit

Programmable logic Controller Trai

ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC-500 PLC programming and execution
Modular PLC system with GLOFA-GM4 PLC Unit
32 Input points / 32 Output points
Monitoring of the internal data through the 4-digit LED
LD (Ladder Diagram), IL (Instruction List), SFC (Sequential Function)
Stepping motor and DC motor installed as standard for rotational / linear movement
Basic 3 modules: Input Controller, Output Simulator, Count & Position Simulator
Optional Device: PLC Option Unit (8ea), Option Modules (17ea)