Home Network Design Platform

Home Network Based Experiments Suitable for Ubiquitous Computing
Designed to Help Develop a Network Device on the Basis of Lon Protocol
Control of Each Device Installed in the Field through Power Line Communication
Related Experiments through Neuron C and MICOM Programming
Home Network Control in Utilization of LabVIEW
Modular Structure with a Rack for Convenient Wiring
Home Network Device Control through the Internet (Home Gateway)

Digital Communication Trainer

Modularized by the function of digital communication circuits
FSK, ASK, PSAK, QPSK and digital communication principles
12 types of modules including a power supply unit

Pc Based Rfid Trainer

The PC Based RFID Trainer ED-1450 is a complete training system of total 2 Experimental Modules for RFID basic principles and application experiments

Basically, ED-1450 model is designed for use by connecting to DS-1410 Docking Station (Option). PC connection through the Docking Station enables contact control on MMI(HMI) based software. It is also used together with CBIS-1400 (Option) for real-time measurements on the computer screen

The electronic manual operable on PC comes with ED-1450 and e-learning is optimized by remote control of student’s operating program and evaluation of student’s online report in real time

Through DS-1410, it provides Variable Power Supply (VPS), Function Generator (FG), Analog Output, Digital Output needed for experiments

ISO/IEC 14443/15693/1800-

Operating Range: 125kHz (within 70mm), 13.56MHz (within 70mm

Anti Collision function

Tag: 125kHz (Read Only Tag), 13.56MHz (Read / Write)