Computer Integrated Manufacturing Training Equipments

  • Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Training System under the application of advanced control technology for real field experiences
  • Capable of “per unit” configuration into the two or more processes, or entire processes for customized experiments by combining each process
  • Gives students an insight into the production mechanism through firsthand practices in disassembly and assembly of hardware components
  • Excellent “per process” configuration (Supply → Inspection →Fabrication → Classification → Robot → Assembly → Storage)
  • Palette transport by conveyors which are the distributional basis of Production System
  • Transport and supply by an industrial robot in the robot processing

MINI MPS Training Equipments

  • Organization of various control elements in complexity for applied technology
  • Total of 6 processes comprising Supply, Sensor, Stopper, Absorption & Transfer, Conveyor and Loading
  • Built-in control elements covering mechanics, electricity, and electronics
  • Control circuit for simple and high speed data transmission in the USB type

Block Modular Production System Training Equipments

  • Small size type suitable for training on automation system's installation and operation
  • Mechanism and installation methods through assembly and disassembly per process
  • Enhancement of application programming techniques through PLC control

Factory Automation Training Equipments

  • Comprehension of basic production automation processes such as transfer, fabrication, classification, inspection and storage
  • Convenient wiring and pipe arrangement with a label of each component such as sensors and actuators
  • PLC training system function (various types of sequence actions through a change in PLC control program
  • Counter/Timer function and motor control by PLC or without PLC (electrical method)
  • Aluminium profile worktable & control modules for easy mounting