Sensor Training Equipment’s For Factory Automation

ㆍIntegrated sensor training system covering electricity, electronics, automation and chemistry.
ㆍConsists of 24 sensor modules, 8 application modules, S conversion modules, 2 signal processing modules,
  II pneumatic components and power supply.
ㆍPC-based control for convenient, effective data collection and analysis.
ㆍApplication module experiments (illumination, pneumatic auto door, motor, temperature) for enhancing field experiences.
ㆍModularized of sensors in transparent acryl for visualization on educational purpose.

Basic Electricity & Electronics Training Equipment

• 14 experimental boards with mounting rack and storage cabinet
• Analysis of DC and AC circuits
• Electromagnetic experiments

Sensor Application Training Equipment

• Various types of sensor such as temperature, photo, pressure, hall and proximity
• Signal detection, signal amplification and signal conversion
• OP AMP & comparator, AD/DA converter

Logic/Digital Demonstration System

• Individual module is capable of performing
• Logic Monitoring functions
• Graphical presentation of functional diagram on each module
• Modules are available in TTL or CMOS IC Type
• Module rack contains power and ground bus

OP-AMP Circuit Training Equipment’s

• OP-Amp. Characteristics and various application circuits
• Main Frame contains DC Power Supply, AF Signal and Frequency Counter

Inverter Motor Training Equipment

• Practical training on inverter and 3-phase induction motor operations
• Control experiments using a PLC module (in use of D/A module)
• Feasible contact-type PLC control
• Carrying case type structure for convenient storage and mobility

Motor / Dynamometer Training Equipment

• Torque and load characteristics measurement by Electro-dynamometer
• Start and load characteristics of squirrel cage induction motor

Electrical Machine Training Equipment

• 19 types of Modules & Graphic Boards
• 25 types of Electrical Machine Assembly
• Experimental Board Rack & Storage Trolley

Embedded and DSP Design Platform

• One-stop training kit for embedded system, DSP and FPGA
• Texas Instruments’ Davinci processor containing the built-in ARM Core and DSP Core
  297MHz ARM926EJ-S™ ARM Core
  594MHz TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core
• ALTERA Cyclone 120,000Gate, a FPGA chip, mounted for interlocking experiments on SoC
• Embedded LINUX for basic to advanced courses
• 7” Wide TFT LCD, 10/100 Ethernet 1Port, Serial 1Port, SD/MMC, ATA and other interfaces

PC Based Electricity and Electronics Trainer

• Is experimental modules for basic electhicity/electronics and analing & digital circuits
• Capable of real time measurement on PC by linking it to CBIS-1400 model
• By connecting PC to the docking station, contact control is implemented on MMI(HMI) based softwae
• Report on experimental results & electronic manual on PC
• Number of modules: 15ea
• Module dimension: 290(W)X210(H)X26(D)mm
• Carrying case for storage(2ea): 596(W)X318(H)X255(D)mm
• ED-1420
• PC Based Electricity & Electronics Trainer (15ea Experimental Modules)

Completc Motor/Generator Training System

• Various load characteristics(resistance, L/C reactance and torque
• Selectable system(ED-5100, ED-5100-2, ED-5100-3 or full set)

DC Servo System

• Analog feedback loop & DC servo system
• Modularized by the function of servo circuits
• Overload protection for the servo amp's and power supply's output
• Servo motor with tacho generator and speed reductior gear
• PID control exercise(option : PID control module U-165)

Basic Electricity & Electronics Training Equipment

• Various types of circuit experiments with 17 basic modules plus 3 optrional modules
• Main consale (power supply) and storage cabinet