UV 200/UV 201 Flow control with magnetic flow transmitter

UV 200 is a stand-alone transportable control model of a complete flow circuit with pump,
flow sensor, regulator, I / P converter and control valve. UV 200 can also be used as
a complement to UV103 control model and then constitutes a complete water supply unit.
The flowchart is connected as a cascade circuit to the levelling process.
Exercises in commissioning and cascade control can be done.
Both controller and flow sensor are microprocessor based.
The controller has a PID function and can include configured for different

Complete steam boiler with pressure and level control

Control model UV 300 consists off:

Process unit UV 320-15 DCS system (UV 720) or instrument panel (UV 302)

Components and options:

DCS system UV 720. Complete DCS system for connection to UV 300 and the other training units.
Alarm and control module UV 703.
Energy package UV 704.
Steam turbine UV 706.
Instrument panel UV 302 with microprocessor based controllers